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What Gives? African Union Head of State Immunity

Last week, the African Union (AU) voted to grant immunity from prosecution to all African Heads of State and “senior officials” at the African Court of Justice and Human Rights. Predictably, the human rights and international justice world were up in arms. … Continue reading

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Kenya and the ICC: Coming to a Head?

Starting this week, member-states of the International Criminal Court (ICC) will gather in The Hague for the ICC’s yearly Assembly of States Parties (ASP) conference. This meeting of member-states is shaping up to be one of the most contentious – … Continue reading

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On the Eve of the AU Summit: How the ICC Is Being Defended

As African leaders publicly question their support for the International Criminal Court, a wide range of ICC supporters have rallied to its defense. Peter Dixon and Chris Tenove examine the allies and the forms of authority that the Court can … Continue reading

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Backing the ICC: Why Botswana Stands Alone Amongst AU States

In the midst of the recent rancour and controversy in the relationship between African Union (AU) member states and the International Criminal Court (ICC), it was all too easy to forget that one state decided to take a rather valiant stand. … Continue reading

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Africa and the ICC: Some Unsolicited Advice

Allegations that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is biased against Africa aren’t going away. On the contrary, in the wake of the victory of Uhuru Kenyatta in Kenya’s recent Presidential elections, they seem to be increasingly common. Most recently, at … Continue reading

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The ICC in Mali: Just Another ICC Intervention in Africa?

So there you have it: the first investigation opened by Fatou Bensouda, the ICC’s new Chief Prosecutor, will be in Africa. The ICC’s Office of the Prosecution (OTP) accepted a request by Malian government authorities for the Court to intervene … Continue reading

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Will the African Union and ICC Mend Fences? New leadership, less bad blood

The African Union summit, held this past week in Ethiopia, could have important implications for the ICC’s relationship with African states. Despite such strong support among African states in the Rome Treaty negotiations for the ICC, the Court’s focus on … Continue reading

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