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Looking For Flatmates – Behind the Scenes at Scheveningen Prison

I am absolutely thrilled to feature this fascinating guest-post by Ronen Steinke. Ronen recently went  behind the scenes to encounter the unique world that is Scheveningen prison, where alleged war criminals spend years awaiting their judgement day at the various Hague tribunals. Ronen is a journalist whose work … Continue reading

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A Futile Endeavour: Croatia v. Serbia at the ICJ

Iva Vukusic reports for JiC on the legal dispute between Serbia and Croatia at the International Court of Justice over the alleged commission of genocide during the early 1990s. Iva is a former journalist, analyst in the Special War Crimes Department of the … Continue reading

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Prosecuting Sexual Violence – Some Steps Forward, But Still a Long Way to Go

Viviane Dittrich joins JiC for this guest-post on the recent record of international tribunals in prosecuting sexual violence. Viviane is completing her PhD at the London School of Economics where her work focuses on the international criminal tribunals, their institutional development … Continue reading

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Information is Beautiful, International Criminal Justice Style

Kevin Jon Heller at Opinion Juris beat me to the punch, but this is most definitely worth sharing with JiC readers. Daniel McLaughlin, who has been a legal officer at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) and is … Continue reading

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International Justice gets a dose of HARDtalk

Last week, the current President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Theodor Meron, appeared on BBC’s HARDtalk. Meron, a luminary in the world of international criminal justice who has published widely and is universally respected for his … Continue reading

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If Simone Gbagbo ends up in The Hague, She won’t be the First

As readers will know, the ICC has unsealed an arrest warrant for Simone Gbagbo, becoming the first woman indicted by the Court. Today, Janet Anderson joins JiC for this timely background post on women who have been tried at international criminal tribunals. … Continue reading

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The aftermath of the ICTY’s Gotovina Trial: Due process and Historical truth

The following is a guest-post by Rhodri C. Williams, a human rights consultant and commentator who recently began working on rule of law issues in Libya with the International Legal Assistance Consortium. Rhodri also writes at his fantastic  TerraNullius blog. In this … Continue reading

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