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Canada vs ISIS: An Inscrutable Justice

Asad Kiyani joins JiC for this post on Canada engagement against ISIS – and what it means for Canada’s role in the Middle East and the pursuit of international justice. Asad is a Doctoral Candidate at the UBC Faculty of Law and … Continue reading

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International Justice and ISIS – An ICC Intervention in Iraq?

Despite ongoing violence and the alleged massacre of eighty Yazidi men in northern Iraq by Islamic State militants, there is remarkably little debate about whether or not the deteriorating situation in northern Iraq should be referred to the International Criminal Court … Continue reading

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Iraq’s Long Shadow of Injustice Haunts Britain

Earlier this week, I wrote a post on the filing of a complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) over alleged abuses committed by UK officials in Iraq. On Tuesday, I attended the official launch of the complaint at the … Continue reading

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The ICC and Iraq: “A Pinochet Moment”?

A formal complaint has been lodged at the International Criminal Court (ICC) requesting that senior British military and political officials – including General Sir Peter Wall, former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon and former Defence Minister Adam Ingram – be investigated for their alleged … Continue reading

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The Crime of Aggression: A Step into the Wrong Direction?

This is the third piece of a short series of posts on the provisions concerning the crime of aggression which were passed at the Rome Statute Review Conference in Kampala in May 2010. You will find the first post by … Continue reading

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Bin Laden and International Law: Death or Trial?

A debate regarding the legality of killing Osama bin Laden is raging across the internet. Everyone wants to know: was the assassination of bin Laden in accordance with international law? Yesterday, I weighed in on the broader question of whether … Continue reading

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More Justice in Argentina: Dirty War Dictator Gets Life Sentence

Last month, Argentina continued its remarkable zeal for justice and accountability by putting two of its most brutal leaders on trial. Former Argentine dictators Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone, along with six others, were brought to trial for crimes committed … Continue reading

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