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The ICC and R2P – Bridging the Gap

Update: I have written an article on this subject which can be downloaded here. See here for an abstract. Comments and feedback are very much welcome! **************************************** I have wondered for some time now about the relationship between the ICC … Continue reading

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Impressions on the State of the Art in Transitional Justice

I had the opportunity to attend the four-day academic marathon that is the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference last week in Montreal. The opportunity gave me the chance to meet and hear from those at the vanguard of transitional … Continue reading

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Biting the Hand that Feeds it: Transitional Justice as a Human Right?

There is a lot of confusion around what exactly a human right is, how we, as human beings, have them, where we have them from, and who is obligated to uphold them. Recent years have seen a burgeoning literature and … Continue reading

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