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7 Random Thoughts on Justice and Stuff

A lot has happened in the world of international justice since my last post at JiC. So here are 7 stories and thoughts on the ICC and other justice-related stuff from recent weeks. 1. A Strong and Weak ICC? It … Continue reading

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A Snowball’s Chance in Cairo: The ICC To Intervene in Egypt?

A group of international lawyers and legal scholars representing the Muslim Brotherhood are pushing for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate alleged crimes committed in Egypt. According to The Globe and Mail’s Paul Waldie, the Brotherhood’s legal team believe that … Continue reading

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International Justice and the Prevention of Mass Atrocities: Paper Series

The debate over the relationship between peace and justice isn’t going to go away any time soon. Yet, despite all of the attention the ‘peace versus justice’ debate has received over the years, scholarship on the subject still suffers from … Continue reading

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Palestine and the ICC: Peace First, Justice (Maybe) Later

News that Palestine and Israel have committed to a new round of US-brokered negotiations has been met with a mix of curiosity and caution. No surprise there. We’ve seen this show before. While it is undoubtedly useful to be positive … Continue reading

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Canada Threatens to Undermine the ICC?

Too often in the past few years, when the Canadian government has come up in human rights related news, it has been for all the wrong reasons. This was the case once again when, last week, Canadian Foreign Minister John … Continue reading

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Frustrations over the ICC and Justice in Palestine

It came as no big surprise that the United Nations General Assembly voted to upgrade Palestine to non-member observer status. But, reflecting the reality that international criminal justice now goes to the very heart of Middle East politics, many are … Continue reading

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Obama and the ICC – Four Reasons Not to Hold Your Breath

It wasn’t nearly as close as the pundits and media suggested. As of writing, it seems that Barack Obama may have defeated Mitt Romney by as many as 100 electoral college votes in the United States Presidential election. Many Americans … Continue reading

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A Quiet Injustice: Degenerating health conditions in the Gaza Strip

The following is a guest-post from Megan Norbert, who is currently the Legal Advisor for the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in the Gaza Strip, as well as an external PhD Candidate at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. In this timely post Megan … Continue reading

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JiC’s 2011 International Criminal Justice Awards!

For the pursuit and project of international criminal justice, 2011 has been nothing short of extraordinary. We will almost surely still be talking about 2011 in 2031. This past year has brought an unprecedented – and even surprising – level … Continue reading

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Handcuffed by Statehood: Justice and Palestine

Observers have watched with keen interest as Mahmoud Abbas took the politically risky, some say courageous, move to seek UN recognition of Palestine as a state. At the very center of Abbas’ polarizing decision is the International Criminal Court and … Continue reading

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