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The ICC and its Impact: More Known Unknowns

As I mentioned yesterday, OpenDemocracy is hosting a symposium on the trials and tribulations of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Today’s article is my contribution to the debate and focuses on the impact of the ICC on the conflicts in … Continue reading

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The UN says Nuh-Uh to Mediators Talking with ICC Indictees?

Should we negotiate with individuals suspected of having committed the most egregious international crimes? This question goes to the very heart of the “peace versus justice” debate and has long been hotly contested. On the one hand, most in the … Continue reading

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Part 1: Saif Gaddafi, Libya and the ICC

Most readers will know by now that the Pre-Trial Chamber of the International Court dismissed Libya’s ruling National Transition Council (NTC)’s application to try Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in Libya. Saif, of course, was indicted by the ICC in June 2011 … Continue reading

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Yikes! Bashir Visits as Libya Defends Right to Try Saif

There are two significant events to report on the pursuit and politics of justice in Libya. First, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, wanted for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by the International Criminal Court, visited Libya to offer “advice” … Continue reading

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Justice in Conflicts: What’s all the Fuss About?

When I first found this blog, weeks before becoming a regular author, I was excited. I thought it covered an angle of the transitional justice debate that had so far been neglected, and I would like to take the time … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Peace-Justice Debate in northern Uganda

Perhaps no nation has witnessed so impassioned a debate on the relationship between peace and international criminal justice as Uganda. Northern Uganda, a case many believed the Court could “cut its teeth” on, sparked a fierce discussion, popularly referred to … Continue reading

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