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The ICC and Varieties of Deterrence

I recently attended an event, hosted by the Carr Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, to hear renowned scholar Beth Simmons and former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Luis Moreno-Ocampo discuss the ICC’s ability to deter civilian atrocities. … Continue reading

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Peace versus Justice in Syria

As talks between the Syrian government and Syrian opposition stumble in the opening phases of the so-called Geneva II negotiations, a hot topic is whether those parties responsible for atrocity crimes in Syria can and should be prosecuted. Of course, this … Continue reading

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International Justice and the Prevention of Mass Atrocities: Paper Series

The debate over the relationship between peace and justice isn’t going to go away any time soon. Yet, despite all of the attention the ‘peace versus justice’ debate has received over the years, scholarship on the subject still suffers from … Continue reading

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Searching in Vain: Perfect Justice in Syria

A hot topic for many of the best and brightest in the field of international criminal justice is the ongoing conflict in Syria. Is it possible for justice to be delivered for the commission of atrocities – on both sides … Continue reading

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Syria: Where Not All Deaths Are Treated Equally

Betcy Jose, an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, joins JiC for this thought-provoking guest-post on intervention in Syria and the unequal treatment of human lives – and deaths. Currently, U.S. President Barack Obama is trying to persuade Congress to authorize … Continue reading

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Former ICC Chief Prosecutor Speaks out on Syria, Endorses Conditional Referral

For the most part, Luis Moreno-Ocampo has remained quiet about the work of his former employer, the International Criminal Court (ICC). But in the midst of ongoing debates about the utility and legality of military intervention in Syria, the vocal … Continue reading

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Whose R2P Is It? The Responsibility to Protect Post-Syria

If you haven’t already, do take the time to check out the fantastic symposium on intervention in Syria over at Opinio Juris. You’ll find a host of provocative and timely posts on the subject, including great pieces by Stephanie Carvin, Jennifer … Continue reading

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To Intervene or not to Intervene – R2P and the Murky Legal Options in Syria

James P. Rudolph joins JiC for this guest-post on R2P and the legal options for intervening in Syria. James is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and California where his work focuses on international law. He has previously written on R2P in … Continue reading

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Syria: War is Looming, but is Justice Possible?

Dear readers, I wanted to share an op-ed I penned for the Globe and Mail on Syria and international criminal justice. It’s no secret that, over the past few days, the UK, France and the US have begun beating the drums … Continue reading

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Why Syria Still Won’t be Referred to the ICC

Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad probably used chemical weapons in an attack on the outskirts of Damascus. The United Nations responded that it will probably investigate what happened. Still, the International Criminal Court (ICC) probably won’t be investigating … Continue reading

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