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A Disturbing Tale: Canada’s Human Rights Record and Reputation

This past week the United Nations Committee Against Torture released a report into Canada’s human rights record. It wasn’t pretty. The Committee suggested that Canada was complicit in the torture of Canadian citizens post-9/11 and expressed concern at the “apparent reluctance on part … Continue reading

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Justice for Sexual Violence and Gender Crimes in Argentina

The following is a guest-post on gender and sexual violence as crimes against humanity and torture in the context of Argentina’s Dirty War by Mariana Rodriguez Pareja and Alia Al-Khatib, who is a human rights activist and Vassar Maguire Fellow in … Continue reading

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A Genocide in Northern Uganda? – The ‘Protected Camps’ Policy of 1999 to 2006

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflict effectively ended for northern Uganda in 2006, after 20 years of suffering, when the LRA moved out of Uganda at the start of the Juba Peace Talks. Despite relative peace returning to the area, … Continue reading

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No Limits for Justice? Universal Jurisdiction and the Case of Former Chadian President Hissene Habré

When we talk about justice in conflicts there is a potentially unlimited array of transitional justice mechanisms that could be brought to use in order to deal with atrocities committed during armed conflict. The first measures that come to mind … Continue reading

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An Arab Fling: The West and International Justice in Libya

The following piece is a guest-post at Opinio Juris where I have been honoured with the opportunity to guest-blog for the next two weeks. All pieces will also be cross-posted here. Enjoy! An Arab Fling: The West and International Justice … Continue reading

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Democracy at the Brink: A New Leader for Guatemala

With her latest post, Holly Dranginis comments on the upcoming election of a new President in Guatemala. As a Fulbright Scholar in Guatemala from 2006-2007 studying transitional justice and urban political violence, Holly is an informed and interested observer of justice … Continue reading

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A “Remarkable Relationship”: US and UK Complicit in Gaddafi Regime Crimes

Shocking but unfortunately unsurprising reports have emerged that American and British intelligence agencies were complicit in the torture and extraordinary rendition of Gaddafi regime “enemies”. At the same time, in an awkward development for the rebels’ ally NATO, a key rebel … Continue reading

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