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Rewards for Justice: The US Takes a Step Closer to the ICC

It appears that the United States is inching towards a much closer legal, political and institutional relationship with the International Criminal Court (ICC). This may come as a surprise given that the US is currently mired in another tumultuous Presidential … Continue reading

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The US and the ICC: Why a Closer Relationship isn’t Necessarily a Good Thing

Few issues have captured as much attention in the politics of international criminal justice as the relationship between the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United States. Indeed, it is ironic that as much, if not more, time has been … Continue reading

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Playing to Lose: A Game of Hide-and-Seek with Kony

In the game of hide-and-seek, having a limited and mutually agreed upon physical space in which both the hider and the seeker participate is essential. When a child plays hide-and-seek with their parents, they don’t move into the next house, … Continue reading

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Hunting Kony – An Update on the US Deployment in Central Africa

In May 2010, the United States Government started officially taking more interest in the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict that had ravaged Central Africa, and in particular northern Uganda, for 24 years. President Barack Obama signed into law the ‘Lord’s Resistance … Continue reading

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The ICC’s got an African Prosecutor: Does it Matter?

Even since it became clear that Fatou Bensouda would succeed Luis Moreno-Ocampo as the ICC’s next top Prosecutor, I have wondered to what extent Bensouda‘s African background would matter. In particular, will the mere fact that Bensouda is Gambian and … Continue reading

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Justice in Bangladesh: What to Expect

Dawood Ahmed joins JiC for this post to update readers on judicial proceedings at the Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal. You can find his introductory piece on the subject here. Enjoy! Justice in Bangladesh: What to Expect  Bangladesh appears to be … Continue reading

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Propping up Tyrants: Selling to and Supporting Authoritarian Regimes

Brittany Lyons joins us as a guest-poster to discuss the mixed signals sent by states like the US when they provide military support to authoritarian regimes but decry authoritarian tactics. An aspiring professor of psychology, Brittany is currently working “to … Continue reading

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US Troop Deployment Revisited – The Hunt for Kony

US President Barack Obama’s decision to send 100 combat armed military advisors to Uganda, Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Southern Sudan made worldwide headlines about three weeks ago. The controversial decision and discussions about … Continue reading

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Is Killing the new ‘Justice’? The Murky Morality of Target Killings

Dear readers – This marks the first post at JiC by Elke Schwarz. Elke has been JiC’s long-time and faithful editor. Because of her work, we hopefully don’t have too many spelling or grammatical errors! More importantly, Elke is a … Continue reading

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Gaddafi’s Death: What now? What Justice?

When Col Muammar Gaddafi said earlier this year that he would “fight to the death” in the face of the revolution taking place in Libya, he wasn’t joking around. Flashing across the screens of virtually every news program today have … Continue reading

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