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Writing the Jurisprudence of Gender-Based Persecution: Al Hassan on Trial at the ICC

Georgiana Epure joins JiC for this guest post on the trial of Al Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz Ag Mohamed Ag Mahmoud and the prospects of adjudicating gender-based persecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Georgiana is a fellow at the … Continue reading

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What We Know about the First Islamic Extremist at the ICC

From the instant that news emerged that Ahmad Al Mahdi Al Faqi had been surrendered to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on allegations that he was responsible for the war crime of destroying shrines in Timbuktu, Mali, the circumstances around … Continue reading

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The ICC’s End Days? Not So Fast

Alex Whiting joins JiC for this incisive guest-post response to Dov Jacobs’ recent analysis of the ‘legacy’ of the Katanga judgement. Alex is a Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School where he focuses on international and domestic prosecution issues. … Continue reading

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The Katanga Verdict and Its Legacy for International Criminal Justice

Dov Jacobs joins JiC for this provocative and thought-provoking examination of the ‘legacy’ of the Katanga judgement. Dov is an assistant professor at Leiden University and the author of the blog Spreading the Jam. This post concludes his three-part commentary … Continue reading

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The ICC as a Network Actor

Since the Rome Statute was surprisingly adopted by an overwhelming majority of the states present at the Rome Conference in 1998 (120 against 7 votes with 21 abstentions) the Court has time and again been described as a civil society … Continue reading

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The Lack of Context in Discussions of Justice in Conflicts

International criminal law and transitional justice are highly dynamic fields. 2011 has yet again demonstrated this by its sheer eventfulness. The year started by the extradition of Callixte Mbarushimana to the ICC in January. A sealed arrest warrant had been … Continue reading

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JiC’s 2011 International Criminal Justice Awards!

For the pursuit and project of international criminal justice, 2011 has been nothing short of extraordinary. We will almost surely still be talking about 2011 in 2031. This past year has brought an unprecedented – and even surprising – level … Continue reading

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Universal Jurisdiction in Germany: The FDLR Trial in Stuttgart

Last week I wrote a post on the role of universal jurisdiction in dealing with atrocities committed during armed conflicts or dictatorships. The idea of universal jurisdiction is grounded in the notion that there are some norms in public international … Continue reading

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The ICC, Funding, and Bensouda: A Response from, and to, Dov Jacobs

Dov Jacobs, one of the sharpest and most thoughtful commentators on issues of international criminal law and justice, has a few new posts up at his must-read blog, Spreading the Jam. In his latest piece, Dov considers and takes aim … Continue reading

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Arguing for a Department for Impact Assessment Within the ICC

I’m happy to announce that Patrick Wegner is joining JiC as a regular blogger! Patrick is currently doing research in Uganda on the effects of the ICC on the conflict in the north of the country and has a wealth … Continue reading

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