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Justice through Graffiti and Cartoons in Syria

A fascinating and common trend amongst ‘Arab Spring’ states has been the use of imagery, particularly graffiti and cartoons, to denigrate bloodthirsty leaders, to express exasperation with repressive regimes, and to evoke hope for a different and altogether more peaceful … Continue reading

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Can International Justice Tribune Die? No!

Dear readers, I wanted to alert you to rather sad news. Many of you will already be aware that RNW – International Justice Tribune, an indispensable and widely respected resource for global and transitional justice news will no longer be … Continue reading

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Has Social Media Successfully Reinvented Social Activism?

This week I had the honour to participate in a debate at the historic Oxford Union on whether “social media has successfully reinvented social activism”. The relationship between social media and social activism has become a critically important subject in the … Continue reading

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Beyond Kony2012: A Free E-Book!

Dear readers, Patrick, Elke and I wanted to alert you to a fantastic free e-book, Beyond KONY2012, edited by Amanda Taub of Wronging Rights who has put together a stellar cast of contributors, including Laura Seay, Rebecca Hamilton, Alex Little, as … Continue reading

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Diverging Trajectories: Social Media and #InternationalLaw

This week, Opinio Juris has organized a symposium on social media and international law in the wake of KONY2012. There are already a number of thought-provoking posts up, including this prescient piece by Charli Carpenter (see here too). The following … Continue reading

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Wikileaks’ Death Knell for Invisible Children’s KONY2012?

The most remarkable thing about Invisible Children’s KONY2012 campaign is just how spectacularly it has shifted from one controversy to another. When the film was first released, it was ripped by virtually every scholar and observer of northern Uganda and … Continue reading

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Beyond Famous – Invisible Children’s Follow-up to Kony2012

One month ago the US based organisation Invisible Children published their Kony 2012 video, campaigning for the arrest of Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony. The video went viral to an extent never witnessed before. Many people who had not heard … Continue reading

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