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Distinctly Arab? Questions about Transitional Justice and the Arab Spring (Part II)

This is the second of a two-part post on transitional justice and the Arab Spring, by Kirsten Fisher. In her first post, Kirsten placed the Arab Spring and transitional justice in a historical context and posed critical questions regarding how … Continue reading

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Propping up Tyrants: Selling to and Supporting Authoritarian Regimes

Brittany Lyons joins us as a guest-poster to discuss the mixed signals sent by states like the US when they provide military support to authoritarian regimes but decry authoritarian tactics. An aspiring professor of psychology, Brittany is currently working “to … Continue reading

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No Surprise: Why Libya but not Syria

Despite high rhetoric being flung across the Security Council yesterday, Russia and China’s vetoing of the European-drafted resolution condemning Syria’s brutal crackdown on civilians should come as no surprise. There are a number of political-tuned reasons to explain why this Resolution failed. … Continue reading

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The Arab World and the ICC: A New Chapter or Smoke and Mirrors?

To date, the most fascinating, dynamic and at times frustratingly contradictory relationship the ICC has had has been with the African Union (AU) and its member states. Today, however, the relationship which appears set to define the Court’s second decade … Continue reading

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Syria and the International Criminal Court: Taking Justice Seriously

Syria has gone from bad to worse. According to reports, hundreds of peaceful, pro-democracy protesters have now been killed by authorities cracking down on any attempt to undermine the regime. This statement, or something approximating it, has probably been written … Continue reading

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International Criminal Justice Sweeping the Arab World?

“Genocide”, “war crimes”, “crimes against humanity”. All of these words have been invoked to describe recent events in the ever-tumultuous Arab world where popular movements have resulted in mass protests and the toppling of governments. This marks a dramatic shift … Continue reading

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Sudan’s Bashir to Step Down – But Why?

Reports out of Sudan indicate that President Omar al-Bashir will not run for the Presidency of the country in the next elections, set to take place 4 years from now. Bashir, who has been indicted by the ICC for war … Continue reading

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