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Propping up Tyrants: Selling to and Supporting Authoritarian Regimes

Brittany Lyons joins us as a guest-poster to discuss the mixed signals sent by states like the US when they provide military support to authoritarian regimes but decry authoritarian tactics. An aspiring professor of psychology, Brittany is currently working “to … Continue reading

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Chasing al-Shabaab: Picking and Choosing Justice

This is the second piece by Andrew Jillions on Kenya’s decision to invade Somalia. Check out Andrew’s first post here. Enjoy! What are the implications behind Kenya’s decision to wage a war of enforcement instead of a humanitarian war? Mary … Continue reading

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Chasing al-Shabaab: Is Kenya ‘Right to Intervene’ in Somalia?

Andrew Jillions joins us once again to consider the legality and justice of Kenya’s incursion into Somali territory last week. This post is the first of two on the subject, so keep your an eye out for the second piece … Continue reading

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Broadening Horizons: Ecocide, Famine and the “Other” Crimes

If you can’t see it, it can’t and doesn’t really matter that much. That seems to be the attitude of many of us to key issues of international concern. Take for example, a core contradiction in many people’s hesitation to … Continue reading

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The (In)Justice of Famine (2): The Limitations of International Justice

There has been an ongoing and interesting discussion about whether the famine in Somalia constitutes a crime against humanity. Andrew Jillions, here at JiC, recently wrote a thought-provoking piece which examined whether famine could be considered a crime against humanity … Continue reading

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The (in)Justice of Famine: Is al-Shabaab guilty of a Crime Against Humanity?

The following is a post from friend and colleague Andrew Jillions. Andrew is finishing up a PhD in International Relations at LSE. His research looks at the nature of constitutional obligations in international law, focusing how a faith in rules … Continue reading

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