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On the Rebirth of Hybrid Tribunals

International criminal justice is an emerging marketplace. It has a diversity of stakeholders, different ‘business’ models, and is based, like all markets, on supply and demand — although demand clearly and vastly outstrips supply. Something of a political economy of … Continue reading

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The New Kosovo Tribunal – Turning Victors’ Justice on its Head?

An international criminal tribunal has been set up to prosecute the victors of the 1999 war in Kosovo. Yes, you read that right. A court has been set up with a mission to investigate and bring to justice those members … Continue reading

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A New War Crimes Court is Born, but Who is Responsible in Kosovo?

Aidan Hehir joins JiC for this critical examination of Kosovo’s war crimes tribunal and the need to pursue accountability for all parties directly and indirectly responsible for mass atrocities in the country. Aidan is a Reader in International Relations at … Continue reading

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ICC Opens Investigation into Libya – Political Implications and Promise

No surprise here. The ICC has officially opened an investigation into the situation in Libya just days after the UN Security Council unanimously referred Libya to the Court. The Prosecutor will investigate potential crimes against humanity committed by Muammar Gaddafi, … Continue reading

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Thaci, accused of Human Organ-Trafficking, becomes PM of Kosovo

Hashim Thaci, a man who was linked to charges of corruption and the trafficking of human organs, has been  elected as PM of Kosovo by an overwhelming majority. Thaci was a key political leader for the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) … Continue reading

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