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Transitional Justice Battlegrounds: Another Bad Week in Burundi

Astrid Jamar joins JiC for this guest-post on recent developments regarding transitional and international criminal justice in Burundi. Astrid is a Research Assistant in Political Settlements Research Programmes at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Law. Transitional justice has been … Continue reading

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: The International Criminal Court and the Peace-Justice Debate

This article is a critical assessment of the scholarship and current state of the so-called “peace versus justice” debate. It is largely based on findings from my new book, which seeks to assess the impacts of the ICC on ending … Continue reading

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Justice for Post-Election Violence in Kenya – An Obituary

Champions of international accountability join with the survivors of human rights violations in Kenya to announce the premature death of justice for crimes perpetrated in the aftermath of the 2007 elections. Following the final death throes of the cases at … Continue reading

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Why is the International Criminal Court stepping out of Africa and into Georgia?

After three months of deliberations, judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have finally approved the opening of an official investigation into the 2008 war in Georgia. Prosecutors will focus on the ethnic cleansing of Georgians from the breakaway region … Continue reading

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A Portrait from The Hague: All You Need to Know About What Laurent Gbagbo Wants You to Know

Not all ICC indictees spend their days awaiting trial by writing self-serving biographies. But that is exactly what Laurent Gbagbo, the former President of  Côte d’Ivoire, has done. Sophie T. Rosenberg joins JiC for this  post on Gbagbo’s recently published … Continue reading

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The Curious Timing of Announcements at the ICC

International institutions, political parties and big companies. Something all of these have in common is their interest in sharing good news when the world is paying attention and bad news when it isn’t. The logic is simple: the sharing of … Continue reading

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How the Canadian Government’s Pursuit of ‘Justice’ Makes Canadians and the World Less Secure

Canada currently finds itself in the midst of a historically long election. Perhaps more so than any other campaign in recent memory, the world is paying attention. Will Canadians re-elect a government that has tarnished the country’s global reputation on … Continue reading

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