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1990s Hollywood Film Covers Meet Anti-ICC Propaganda – A Lighter Moment from this Year’s ICC Conference

Last week, I reported at length about the trials and tribulations of this year’s Assembly of States Party’s conference. Most of the conference had a rather somber tone, due to frustrations and concerns over the Kenyan government’s attempts to subvert … Continue reading

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A Funny Aside to the Whole Bashir-South Africa Debacle

With the exception of basically everything written at Wronging Rights, “transitional justice jokes“, and occasional pieces from The Onion, the world of international criminal justice rarely produces funny moments. Franky, it would have shocked exactly no one if there wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Onion Targets the ICC

International criminal justice and transitional justice are rarely funny. There are a few jokes. But outside of the hilarious, periodically knee-slapping pieces by Amanda and Kate at Wronging Rights, jokes about this stuff are few and far between. Every now and then, though, … Continue reading

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CSI: The Hague or the ICC just got Jack Bauer-ed

We knew this day was coming. We didn’t know how or exactly when but we knew that someone would eventually make a TV show out of the International Criminal Court. There’s just too much drama, too much character, too much … Continue reading

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How you get to Justice in Conflict

A significant part of the traffic JiC gets comes from people using a variety of search engines. As we approach JiC’s one-year anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the funnier and sillier searches … Continue reading

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An Argentinean Judge Judy: Moreno-Ocampo’s Retirement Plans?

As many readers will know, this coming December the International Criminal Court’s Assembly of States Parties (ASP) will come together to elect a new Prosecutor. Posts here at JiC have considered the criteria of the next Prosecutor and some potential … Continue reading

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Working at the ICC Linked to Hair Loss?

Kind of. Here’s the latest. According to Opinio Juris’ Twitter Account, next up the International Criminal Court will declare ‘Casual Fridays’. Nothing like practicing international criminal justice in a pair of slacks. Just a bit of light justice humour for … Continue reading

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Breaking News: International Criminal Court Announces New ‘3 Strikes’ Genocide Policy

From a remarkably credible source: THE HAGUE—In an effort to crack down on the systematic killing of entire races and ethnic groups, International Criminal Court officials introduced a new “three strikes” policy Monday that mandates harsher punishments for offenders receiving … Continue reading

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Picture This: The ICC Trial of a “Delusional” Gaddafi

Today we get the news that an American diplomat has called Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi “delusional”. That makes enough sense. Gaddafi has denied that virtually anything bad is in Libya, playing a game of “if I can’t see it, it … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka and the Best Transitional Justice Joke Ever?

The final stages of the Sri Lankan civil war were particularly brutal. It has been repeatedly alleged that both the Sri Lankan government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) committed war crimes. The International Crisis Group (ICG) … Continue reading

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