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Justice for War Crimes in Liberia? An Interview with Adama Dempster

Will there ever be justice for the mass atrocities committed during Liberian civil wars? The pressure is mounting. Ever since footballer / soccer player-turned politician George Weah was elected as President of Liberia in 2018, there has been a growing … Continue reading

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New Paper Alert! ‘Hybridization – A Spectrum of Creative Possibilities’

At a time of great crisis challenge for the International Criminal Court, hybrid tribunals have come roaring back into fashion. But what does it meant to be a hybrid court and how might the very hybridity of such tribunals be … Continue reading

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When International Criminal Justice and FIFA Collide

They may seem like bizarre bedfellows, but the worlds of international criminal justice and football / soccer have collided on a number of rather awkward occasions. In light of all the hoopla from last week’s dramatic arrest of a handful … Continue reading

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International Justice and the Prevention of Mass Atrocities: Paper Series

The debate over the relationship between peace and justice isn’t going to go away any time soon. Yet, despite all of the attention the ‘peace versus justice’ debate has received over the years, scholarship on the subject still suffers from … Continue reading

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Orbiting in Space – Suspended Justice in Sierra Leone

Laura Martin joins JiC for this timely and critical examination of the over-relieance of legal, retributive modes of justice in Sierra Leone. Laura is a currently Ph.D candidate in the Centre for African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Her … Continue reading

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Nothing but Verdicts: The Purpose of Tribunals

On the verge of the final verdict in the Charles Taylor trial, Thijs B. Bouwknegt joins JiC for this critical examination of the role and purpose of international criminal tribunals. Thijs is a legal historian and researcher at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust … Continue reading

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The Impact of the Taylor Trial in Sierra Leone and Liberia

Annie Gell joins us with this guest-post on the impact of the Charles Taylor trial in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Annie is the Leonard H. Sandler fellow in the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch (HRW). Immediately before joining HRW, Annie … Continue reading

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