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Swiss Cheese and Justice: Why North Korea Cares A Lot About the ICC

North Korea is losing sleep. The source of distress for the reclusive last vestige of Stalin-style communism might be surprising: the International Criminal Court (ICC). It was not that long ago that the government in Pyongyang enjoyed what amounted to a deafening silence regarding … Continue reading

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A Break in the Status Quo: Could North Korea be Referred to the ICC?

It’s news that isn’t actually news. A Commission of Inquiry, set up by the United Nations, has issued a report concluding that North Korea has been committing crimes against humanity against its own people. Evidence was gathered primarily through the … Continue reading

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The ICC and North Korea: Let’s Talk Justice

The International Criminal Court and North Korea. It is remarkable how seldom these two have been used in the same sentence. This despite the fact that perhaps no regime since the end of WWII has benefitted from impunity more than … Continue reading

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A Precarious Silence: North Korea and International Justice

Just about everyone who doesn’t live under a rock will know by now that the mercurial and mysteriously ‘ronery’ North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, has died. Yet, while the jokes and Team America references proliferate in the wake of Kim … Continue reading

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Broadening Horizons: Ecocide, Famine and the “Other” Crimes

If you can’t see it, it can’t and doesn’t really matter that much. That seems to be the attitude of many of us to key issues of international concern. Take for example, a core contradiction in many people’s hesitation to … Continue reading

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The (In)Justice of Famine (2): The Limitations of International Justice

There has been an ongoing and interesting discussion about whether the famine in Somalia constitutes a crime against humanity. Andrew Jillions, here at JiC, recently wrote a thought-provoking piece which examined whether famine could be considered a crime against humanity … Continue reading

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