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“Let’s Ditch War Crimes”? Let’s Not Get Carried Away with Justice Criticism and Cynicism

Common criticisms and cynicism of international justice, and the International Criminal Court specifically, are frustrating as they tend to obscure reality, misunderstand both the limits and possibilities of accountability norms and institutions, and misdirect blame away from states whose cooperation … Continue reading

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How the ICC’s Website is Undermining the Court – and Justice

In the world of international criminal justice, it would be easy to think that the ICC’s website is a trivial matter. But it’s not. So I was thrilled to read that Kevin Jon Heller has written a brief but critically … Continue reading

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The ICC and Justice in the Wake of the Ngudjolo Acquittal

For many at the International Criminal Court, it was a rough day at the office. For many in the DRC, it was bewildering and upsetting. On 18 December, ICC judges acquitted Mathieu Ngudjolo, the former Congolese rebel leader who had been on trial for his alleged … Continue reading

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Lubanga and the Trouble with ICC Deterrence

This is piece was originally posted at Opinio Juris, which has organized a fascinating and thought-provoking virtual round-table on the Lubanga verdict and its legacy. Check out, inter alia, contributions from Mark Drumbl, Dov Jacobs, Jens Ohlin and Kevin Jon Heller. Drumbl’s … Continue reading

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Libya set to Try Saif? Not so Fast

Say what? It was fitting that news and commentary on justice in Libya was thoroughly confusing today. The conflict in Libya and the post-Gaddafi era have been rife with contradictory storylines: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was captured. Wait, he’s touring Tripoli! … Continue reading

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Outreach, Politics and Justice: An ICC TV Show in Kenya

In comparison to criticisms such as the effects of the ICC’s work has on peace, on the costs of the Court’s trials, and on the Court’s supposed Western, colonial mode of justice, the issue of it’s lacking capacity for outreach … Continue reading

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