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Sudan Buys Back Washington’s Approval – But What About Justice?

Since the collapse of former dictator Omar al-Bashir’s regime in 2019, Sudan’s new governing authorities have eagerly sought to restore relations with the international community. A snag in those efforts was the fact that, for decades, Sudan had been designated … Continue reading

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Between Punishment and Mercy – Alternative Sanctions and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace

The following post on the use of alternative sentences to blend restorative and retributive justice in Colombia was written by Luke Moffett. Luke is a senior lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast and the Principal Investigator on the ‘Reparations, Responsibility and … Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE: Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Speaks on the Trial of Dominic Ongwen

This is the final post in JiC’s symposium on the trial of Dominic Ongwen and the prosecution of former child soldiers. Disclaimer: this is not a real press release. For a list of the posts written to date, please see … Continue reading

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Repairing and Reparations: Buying Victims’ Silence in the DRC?

Mattia Cacciatori joins JiC for this post on the challenges of providing effective and appropriate reparations from the International Criminal Court. Mattia is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bath, focusing on the role of superpowers in the administration … Continue reading

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Healing Wounds, Fostering Change: Reparations for Women Victims of International Crimes

Noemi Manco joins JiC for this timely post on reparations for women in post-conflict societies. Noemi is a legal advisor for migrants and asylum seekers in France. She has also worked for Amnesty International in Switzerland and Redress in London.  Well-crafted … Continue reading

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