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If the ICC Intervenes in Syria, Where Will Assad Go?

If the International Criminal Court (ICC) ever opens an investigation into Syria, it will almost assuredly become an irresistible trope to claim that the Court’s involvement caused President Bashar al-Assad to “dig his heals in” and “fight to the death”. … Continue reading

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The Taylor Case in Context

Six years after being arrested in his exile in Nigeria former Liberian President Charles Taylor has been convicted on 11 charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) today. The court is … Continue reading

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The Habré Case at the International Court of Justice – Belgium versus Senegal

A couple of months back I wrote a post on the efforts of international and Chadian human rights advocates to prosecute the former President of Chad, Hissene Habré. Habré is accused of killing and torturing thousands during his stay in … Continue reading

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No Limits for Justice? Universal Jurisdiction and the Case of Former Chadian President Hissene Habré

When we talk about justice in conflicts there is a potentially unlimited array of transitional justice mechanisms that could be brought to use in order to deal with atrocities committed during armed conflict. The first measures that come to mind … Continue reading

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Gaddafi to Burkina Faso? Probably Not: Lessons from Charles Taylor

In the wake of pro-Gaddafi convoys speeding through the Sahara, apparently with cash and gold aboard, there has been a lot of confusion and concern regarding where Colonel Gaddafi is and whether he will seek asylum in Burkina Faso, via … Continue reading

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Before you go Supporting Exile for Gaddafi, Beware of What You Assume

Each time a conflicted and fragile society resolves to confront a murderous, tyrannical or dictatorial ruler, a similar question inevitably surfaces: should the ruler and his cabal be allowed, or even encouraged, to go into exile? The logic in support … Continue reading

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Ugandan Holiday? Thoughts on the Offer of Asylum to Gaddafi

Uganda has become the first country to offer asylum, if asked to do so, to Libya’s Gaddafi. This comes at a time when ambiguity proliferates as to what fate the international community sees as necessary for Gaddafi. A few thoughts … Continue reading

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