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Beyond ‘KONY2012’ – Judgement Day and the Lubanga Verdict

The ICC’s first-ever verdict is in. Any way you cut it, the guilty verdict issued today against Thomas Lubanga for his use of child soldiers is a landmark ruling. But will it have any effect on the conscription of child soldiers … Continue reading

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Whither ICC Deterrence in Libya?

In recent years, advocates of the International Criminal Court have shifted away from justifying international justice through purely moral claims towards arguing for trial justice on the basis of the consequences it can bring about. Leslie Vinjamuri has persuasively demonstrated … Continue reading

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ICC Charges Four of Six Suspects in Kenya Situation

Yesterday, on the 23rd of January 2012, the Pre-Trial Chamber II (PTC II) of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued its long awaited decisions (here and here) whether or not it would confirm the Prosecutor’s charges against six suspects allegedly … Continue reading

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International Criminal Law and Deterrence – A Pointless Endeavour?

One of the main arguments of advocates of international criminal law is that indicting and trying perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide will contribute to stopping similar violations in the future. The Chief Prosecutor of the International … Continue reading

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ICC Prosecutor: On Film

Canadian Director Barry Stevens has come out with a film, Prosecutor, which examines the work of the ICC’s Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, a figure who has brought much spotlight – and a significant dose of controversy – to the Court. It bills itself … Continue reading

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Engaging John Bolton on Libya and the ICC

I hesitate to even attempt to comment on anything that John Bolton says. His commentary is so stubbornly right-wing and predictably political  that arguing with him would be akin to trying to move concrete walls with your forehead. Nevertheless, Bolton’s … Continue reading

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