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Checking in on Ivory Coast: Justice here and Justice there

With the vast majority of international justice attention focused on the unfolding situation in Libya, the search for justice in post-conflict Ivory Coast has been chugging along without much international scrutiny. In sharp contrast to the rigid either-or-debate regarding where … Continue reading

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Transitional Justice: “Paradigm Shift or Hot Air?”

I recently attended the IASFM conference on forced migration outside of Kampala, at a picturesque resort perched above Lake Victoria (yes, there is irony there!). At the conference, numerous scholars presented pieces on “transitional justice” or “TJ”. Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration … Continue reading

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The ICC and the Tripoli Three: Time, It’s on our Side

As other actors involved in the Libyan conflict have appeared to dither and issue mixed messages, the ICC’s Prosecutor has been remarkably decisive and concrete with his work. Within three months of having had the situation in Libya referred to … Continue reading

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Libya, Peace and Justice: ‘Gaddafi has to go’ but Peace must be Negotiated

Missing from the coverage of the war in Libya has been any discussion as to what the end goal is. Yes, there has been a lot of talk, although little consensus, about what should happen with Gaddafi. But what about … Continue reading

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Lost in the shuffle – Argentina Puts Dirty War Leaders on Trial

Argentina has long been at the vanguard of human rights and international criminal justice. In line with their commitment to accountability, this past week Argentina began a trial against former Argentine dictators Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone and six others … Continue reading

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