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Mark is a PhD student in International Relations at the London School of Economics. His work focuses on the nexus of international criminal justice and conflict resolution. Specifically, he is examining the effects of the ICC on peace processes and negotiations in northern Uganda and Libya.

Canada vs ISIS: An Inscrutable Justice

Asad Kiyani joins JiC for this post on Canada engagement against ISIS – and what it means for Canada’s role in the Middle East and the pursuit of international justice. Asad is a Doctoral Candidate at the UBC Faculty of Law and … Continue reading

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Dr Mark Kersten, At Your Service

Dear readers, This past Monday, I was awarded a PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics. My examiners were Chris Brown, Professor in International Relations at the LSE and William Schabas, Professor of international criminal law at the University … Continue reading

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Swiss Cheese and Justice: Why North Korea Cares A Lot About the ICC

North Korea is losing sleep. The source of distress for the reclusive last vestige of Stalin-style communism might be surprising: the International Criminal Court (ICC). It was not that long ago that the government in Pyongyang enjoyed what amounted to a deafening silence regarding … Continue reading

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Justice in Syria: If not the ICC, then What?  

Proponents of international criminal justice seem to be searching in vain for perfect justice in Syria. Iva Vukusic joins JiC for this timely post exploring the options for justice in Syria. Iva is an analyst and researcher based in The Hague. She previously … Continue reading

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When the Ends Don’t Justify the Means: The ‘Morality of Justice’ in Bangladesh

Toby Cadman joins JiC once again for this critical take on the trials and tribunals of the International Criminal Tribunal of Bangladesh. Toby is a barrister from 9 Bedford Row. He is defence counsel at the Bangladesh Tribunal and has been counsel in the Uhuru Kenyatta … Continue reading

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The ICC and its Impact: More Known Unknowns

As I mentioned yesterday, OpenDemocracy is hosting a symposium on the trials and tribulations of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Today’s article is my contribution to the debate and focuses on the impact of the ICC on the conflicts in … Continue reading

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The ICC Needs Political Advice – Here’s One Way It Can Get It

Over the next few weeks, OpenDemocracy will host a number of articles on the history, impact, challenges and future of the International Criminal Court (ICC). There are already number of fantastic contributions including from always cogent David Petrasek. Today’s post … Continue reading

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