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The Arab World and the ICC: A New Chapter or Smoke and Mirrors?

To date, the most fascinating, dynamic and at times frustratingly contradictory relationship the ICC has had has been with the African Union (AU) and its member states. Today, however, the relationship which appears set to define the Court’s second decade … Continue reading

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A Few Things Worth a Watch and a Read: Terrorism and IL, bin Laden’s Death and Justice(s)

While JiC is almost only used as place for commentary rather than synopses or snap-shots of others views, I figured I would grant some respite to those tired of hearing what I think and highlighting three particularly interesting pieces. First, … Continue reading

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Gaddafi Regime Decries Uneven Justice – And They’re Right

It appears that Gaddafi, his regime and the human rights community are on the same page about at least one thing: Libya should not be the only state investigated for committing crimes against its own people. In reaction to yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Killing bin Laden: Justice, International Law and Legitimacy – A Compilation of Perspectives

The debate regarding the legality, justness and legitimacy of killing bin Laden continues. I figured it may be beneficial to create a post where some of the most sophisticated and fascinating perspectives on these subjects could be compiled. Keep in … Continue reading

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The “Justice” of Killing bin Laden and What it Means for Gaddafi

Last night, President Barack Obama announced to eager audiences around the world that America’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden, had been assassinated. Obama described bin Laden’s death by declaring that “justice has been done.” People around the globe are … Continue reading

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Syria and the International Criminal Court: Taking Justice Seriously

Syria has gone from bad to worse. According to reports, hundreds of peaceful, pro-democracy protesters have now been killed by authorities cracking down on any attempt to undermine the regime. This statement, or something approximating it, has probably been written … Continue reading

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The Tides of Justice: Egypt set to join the ICC

Oh, how things change! Today Egypt declared its intentions to join the ICC. Its position towards Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir remains conflicted and problematic. Nevertheless, Egypt’s turn towards international justice is a significant and positive development for proponents of international … Continue reading

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