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Whose R2P Is It? The Responsibility to Protect Post-Syria

If you haven’t already, do take the time to check out the fantastic symposium on intervention in Syria over at Opinio Juris. You’ll find a host of provocative and timely posts on the subject, including great pieces by Stephanie Carvin, Jennifer … Continue reading

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To Intervene or not to Intervene – R2P and the Murky Legal Options in Syria

James P. Rudolph joins JiC for this guest-post on R2P and the legal options for intervening in Syria. James is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and California where his work focuses on international law. He has previously written on R2P in … Continue reading

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A Fatal Attraction? The UN Security Council and the Relationship between R2P and the International Criminal Court

Many readers will know that, over the last year or so, I have been thinking quite a bit about the relationship between the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). It started barely a month into this … Continue reading

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Intervention in Mali: Does R2P Apply?

James P. Rudolph joins us for this fascinating guest-post on the need to respond to the ongoing crisis in Mali. James is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and California where his work focuses on international law. In this post he … Continue reading

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Syria: Appeasement in Disguise?

Andrew Jillions joins JiC for another thought-provoking guest post on responses to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Enjoy! Kofi Annan was in New York yesterday to brief the Security Council on the mess that is Syria. But whatever (limited) … Continue reading

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Dithering over Damascus

JiC welcomes Andrew Jillions back with this thought-provoking post on the recent inaction of the UN Security Council in the face of ongoing violence and human rights violations in Syria.  There’s no doubt that the Assad regime has been buoyed by … Continue reading

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Justice in Conflicts: What’s all the Fuss About?

When I first found this blog, weeks before becoming a regular author, I was excited. I thought it covered an angle of the transitional justice debate that had so far been neglected, and I would like to take the time … Continue reading

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Pride and the Interventionist Itch: NATO in the Wake of Libya

Pride is a tricky thing. We want to feel it but it doesn’t always manifest itself as a good trait. For this reason Alexander Pope once declared that pride is “the never-failing vice of fools”, while Saint Augustine wrote that … Continue reading

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Chasing al-Shabaab: Picking and Choosing Justice

This is the second piece by Andrew Jillions on Kenya’s decision to invade Somalia. Check out Andrew’s first post here. Enjoy! What are the implications behind Kenya’s decision to wage a war of enforcement instead of a humanitarian war? Mary … Continue reading

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The ICC and R2P – Bridging the Gap

Update: I have written an article on this subject which can be downloaded here. See here for an abstract. Comments and feedback are very much welcome! **************************************** I have wondered for some time now about the relationship between the ICC … Continue reading

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