An Argentinean Judge Judy: Moreno-Ocampo’s Retirement Plans?

Judge Judy Judge Ocampo?As many readers will know, this coming December the International Criminal Court’s Assembly of States Parties (ASP) will come together to elect a new Prosecutor. Posts here at JiC have considered the criteria of the next Prosecutor and some potential candidates.

But while many, including myself, are asking: who will be the next ICC Prosecutor, few are asking what the current Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, will do next.

Remarkably, the following clip has escaped my knowledge for the few years that I have been following the ICC. Prior to becoming the ICC’s Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo was many things. He was a deputy prosecutor on one of the biggest war crimes trials in history in his native Argentina. He was also a professor at Harvard. For a time he was even legendary soccer player/footballer/diva Diego Maradona’s lawyer. However, as this clip attests, perhaps the best and most widely known and high-profile international prosecutor in all of time, was once the Argentinean version of Judge Judy, which – if I understand correctly – is titled “Forum: The People’s Court” (Thanks Mariana!):

This is just a little mid-week humour. I promise something more serious soon!


About Mark Kersten

Mark Kersten is a consultant at the Wayamo Foundation, a Senior Researcher at the Munk School of Global Affairs, and a law student at McGill University Law School. He is also author of the book, 'Justice in Conflict - The Effects of the International Criminal Court's Interventions on Ending Wars and Building Peace' (Oxford University Press, 2016).
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4 Responses to An Argentinean Judge Judy: Moreno-Ocampo’s Retirement Plans?

  1. Dear Mark! I can’t believe you found that video… hahahahah The name is “Forum: the People’s Court” and to be honest with you, I was in primary school and I used to watch it, b/c i thought it was a great show.You forgot to mention that Moreno Ocampo was also Diego Maradona’s lawyer, he was the prosecutor in the Malvina’s case too…

  2. Also, just to make a tiny coment: He was the deputy prosecutor on THE biggest war crimes trial in history in Argentina- the Juntas.

  3. Mark Kersten says:

    Thanks for the comments! I agree, it is a very funny video. I’ve added your additions – thanks Mariana!

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