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Saif wants to be tried at the ICC – But that’s not all

Late last week, the Office of Public Counsel for the Defence (OPCD), which has been representing Saif al-Islam Gaddafi at the ICC, filed its official response to Libya’s admissibility challenge at the ICC. The impressive report, a whopping 92-pages long, should … Continue reading

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Melinda Taylor and the ‘ICC4’ Released: Five Pressing Questions

It is a huge relief to be able to write that Melinda Taylor, Helene Assaf, Alexander Khodakov, and Esteban Peralta Losilla were released from Libya on Monday and have returned to be reunited with their families. The four had spent nearly … Continue reading

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Separating Fact from Fiction: Melinda Taylor and the ICC Staff’s Detention in Libya

In times of crisis or scandal, misunderstandings are an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of not having sufficient information and only getting it in fits and spurts from political actors with competing interests. The continuing controversy surrounding the detention of ICC … Continue reading

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Updates on Melinda Taylor, Helene Assaf and ICC Staff Detained in Libya

Dear readers, I have decided to create a post dedicated to updates on the ICC staff detained in Libya. Unfortunately, the media is likely to tire of this story quickly and I figured JiC could contribute to creating a space … Continue reading

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