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Hold Your Horses, ICC Complementarity

A former first lady went on trial for disturbing the peace and undermining state security in Abidjan. She was convicted and given a twenty year sentence. The International Criminal Court (ICC) and human rights groups, however, insist should still be … Continue reading

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ICC Hands off Libya

I have a new article up at Foreign Policy’s Middle East Channel that may be of interest to some readers. It covers the ICC’s inadmissibility ruling in the case of Abdullah al-Senussi. The piece places the ruling into the political … Continue reading

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Could Russia be a Key to International Justice in Libya?

The battle between Libya and the International Criminal Court (ICC) over where Abdullah al-Senussi and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi should be tried has taken another dramatic turn. Saif’s legal representative John Jones has written a scathing letter to the UK’s Foreign … Continue reading

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How the ICC Could Still Get Senussi to The Hague

As I write this, admissibility hearings at the International Criminal Court (ICC) are ongoing. The hearings will play a major role in whether or not ICC judges ultimately accept Libya’s plans to try Abdullah al-Senussi, Gaddafi’s former spy chief and … Continue reading

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No winners in ICC – Libya standoff

Judges at the ICC are set to hear two days of arguments from Libya and the Saif al-Islam’s ICC Defence counsel over where Libya’s former heir apparent should be brought to justice. As readers will know, the question of where … Continue reading

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Buying Justice: The Cost of Justice in Libya

In my last post, I noted that there was little-to-no information, much less verified information, about what convinced Mauritania to extradite Muammar Gaddafi’s former right-hand man, Abdullah al-Senussi, to Libya. After being held in the capital of Nouakchott (in a … Continue reading

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Libya vs. The ICC: Stalemate over Saif and Senussi

I recently had the opportunity to write a piece for the great folks at Think Africa Press on the ongoing battle between the ICC and Libya over the custody of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah al-Senussi. It covers much of … Continue reading

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